Tips for Buying An Instant Tent

Tips for Buying An Instant Tent

What things you need to know before you buy an Instant Tent…

Tips for Instant TentsWhen you are planning on buying an Instant Tent, you will want to have some research under your belt before you purchase.  Of course you can go out and buy the first tent you see and like… and you might just be lucky, but it is much better to have a good idea of what you are looking for and the pros and cons of different types of tents, and hopefully not end up with something you wish you had not bought!

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When you are thinking of an instant tent, then often it is about smaller pop-up type tents which are great for what they are made for, however, with some of the advancements in manufacturing, you can now take advantage of easy-up tents that are very large, catering for a full on camping adventure.

What do you need to look for?

So, if you are looking for a tent then I am thinking you already know how many people you want to accommodate and what weather conditions you are going to want to cater for.

One thing I will say, and if you have ever gone camping in a tent, then you might already agree with me, if you want to house 3 people you will likely need a tent bigger than one advertised as a 3-person tent. This is because when they calculate the size of the tent like this, they are using side-by-side snug fit, people lined up like in a sardine can…

So unless snug is your preference, then you might want to say go a 4-person for 3 or even bigger, depending on the sort of camping trip you are taking.

With and ‘Instant’ tent then you can get a large tent like the Coleman instant Tent 8 which is a very roomy tent, and while officially it is an 8 person, I would still think it is way more comfortable for 4 or 5 depending on whether you are catering for adults and children and the numbers of each.

These larger tents, even though they are quick to set up, are still quite heavy and so you would only use them if you transporting your camping gear with a vehicle.  For people who want to go on a cycling or motor bike camping trip then you will want to look at the Wind Ridge Instant Tent range.

They have a 3 and 4 person instant tent, which have been very well designed and although smaller than the Coleman with no standing room, they are still very roomy and very well designed. These tents are perfect if you only have a small distance to carry your camping gear to set up camp, or if you traveling by bicycle or a motor bike.

Instant tents are perfect for anyone on a road trip where they want to save money on accommodation and don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a camping site just to sleep for the night, and depending on your preferences and again, how many people you are catering for, then either the Coleman or the Wind Ridge range should suit the purpose well.

When it comes to catering for weather conditions you will need to give this some thought. The classification of tents is spoken of in the number of seasons.

Generally an all-round seasonal tent (there are some exceptions), are not made for severe weather of any kind; in windy, stormy and severe cold and snow, these tents will not do very well.  These are more for the temperate climate and quick camp out where you know weather will not be an issue.

3 season tents are just that much better where they are made to stand up to more severe weather conditions, however, if you know that snow is a possibility where you are camping, or you can foresee going camping in snowy conditions then this will not be your best choice.

A 4 season tent is the highest rating and is the toughest tent you can get, because they are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. If there is any possibility or likelihood of freezing winds, snow and rain then this is the best tent choice for you.

Really if you are a serious camper, backpacker or hiker then getting a 4 season tent is probably your best option. The one thing about these tents, though, is sometimes the ventilation is not as good, so you want to choose the design carefully and make sure you have a way to improve airflow through the tent in warmer weather conditions.

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Sometimes with Instant Tents there have been issues with water leakage, in particular with the Coleman range, however, they seem to be addressing this more with the newer models.

You can always adapt the tent by adding your own fly using a tart set up and many people have done this.  There are also many people who have used their tents in bad weather without a fly, and not had any water leaking issues.  For me, I would certainly make sure any seams are sealed with a waterproof seam sealer, and I would have a fly or two at hand just to be sure. If you are looking at the Wind Ridge instant tents then you will find they come with a fly already, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

One of the best tips for buying an instant tent, is check out different reviews and think of ways you might be able to counteract any potential negatives as well as aiming to cater for the type of tent that will suit your needs.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 6 Person Instant TentThis Tent is sometimes referred to as the Coleman Instant Tent 6 and is a smaller version of the Coleman Instant Tent 8.

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Very similar to the Coleman Instant Tent 14×10, in design, differing mainly in the size of the tent, smaller windows, and being one room instead of two.  It is almost a square floor space, being 10×9 ft that fits 2 large queen size air mattresses.

The Coleman Instant Tent range all come with the Coleman’s WeatherTEcTM System, which includes Continue reading “Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent”

Coleman Instant Tent 8

Coleman Instant Tent 8,  14 x 10 ft.

The Coleman 8 persong instant tent, is one of the most popular of the Coleman Instant Tent Range providing excellent value for the size, with some unique and outstanding features.

In this Coleman Instant Tent Review I have listed the features as well as a couple of the problems that a minority of customers experienced.

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There are over 200 customer reviews, that give an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is excellent.  While there were a few issues mentioned, by a couple, the overwhelming majority of customers, found the Coleman Instant Tent 8 to be excellent and they highly recommended it.

I have listed below some of the outstanding features, as shared by customers and I also list some problems that were noted as well.

  • Fast Set Up

The Coleman Instant Tent 8 is possibly the quickest, large tent to set up available today. Because it is quick to erect as well as to pull down, it is very convenient and saves not only time, but also effort and energy.  Some tents can take up to 40 minutes to set up, and by the end of it, you need a rest!

This Coleman Instant Tent 14×10, can be easily setup even by 1 person in a very quick time, anything from 1 minute to a few minutes depending on practice, and of course if there is two of you, then it is even quicker.

  • All the windows open for a Screen House Effect

The whole point of family camping is to appreciate the outdoors and the feature of having large windows that open to screened areas around the tent is excellent, not only for great air flow on hot days, but also for giving you 360 deg views of your surroundings.

The tent has the capacity to act almost like a screen house, just makes it more versatile and certainly a pleasure to use while camping.

  • Coleman’s Exclusive WeatherTecTM System which “Keeps you dry – GuaranteedTM

It is reassuring to know that Coleman actually provide a guarantee on this Instant Tent keeping you dry.  Most customer reviews report being comfortable and dry, and in a lot of cases stated there were no leaks.  There were some who had some small leaks through seams, but they were easily able to fix these.

This Coleman tent offering the WeatherTecTM System really provides the convenience of rarely, if ever of needing a fly (unless you just like one to use as a verandah over the door), and would not normally require waterproofing, although some people sealed the seams just to be ‘sure’.

Most users never had any issues at all without fly’s or any sort of waterproofing.

  • Instant Tent InteriorHuge tent with simple, easy setup

If you go family camping then having room is really essential to making your camping trip a success. For some people the idea of camping puts them off because of the effort involved in erecting a tent, and then the issues with bad weather and also the lack of room and proper ventilation.

The Coleman Instant Tent 14×10, really addresses all these problems and at the same time providing plenty of room for the family (although I saw one customer who bought it just to have all that room for himself).  The Coleman Instant 8 Tent being well designed and well-made has really made a family camping trip a whole lot more convenient, with the huge space and simple easy setup.

  • Cabin Style Tent

Cabin style tents are very popular as they provide for a lot more standing room in the tent and this Coleman Instant Tent accommodates people who are tall, providing a roomy feel and ample room for storing your gear out of the weather.

Having extra headroom just makes your camping experience more comfortable, especially if it is cold or wet outside and you need to spend more time indoors, then the extra large tent will be a bonus!  It is also important to have extra room that the Coleman Instant Tent 8 provides, if you find yourself having to do some cooking inside, due to bad weather outside, and of course with a small portable stove, used carefully, this can be easy done…

Great tent with features normally found with more expensive tents

The price of the Coleman Instant Tent 8 is really a challenge to beat.  I have not found any comparable tent for such a low price.  The 14 x 10 is the 2010 release, and the latest release is actually 14 x 8 so a bit smaller. Depending on the importance of size and your specific needs, then you might want to check the smaller version, or even the 6 person Instant Tent.

If you particularly want the 14 x 10 then you can snap one up while they last as I understand Amazon is the only place that has remaining stocks of this larger tent.

The Coleman Instant Tent provides excellent features, with great value at a bargain basement price.  This is one case where you can get way more than what you pay for!

The Negatives of the Coleman Instant Tent

  • There are a number of comments about the weight of the tent, as it is reasonably heavy.  Of course if you have a suitable vehicle then this may not present a problem.
  • Coleman, have been a little light on with the lack of storage compartments. There are only two, so for some people this was a negative point.
  • While most people had no leakage issues, some people did experience some leaks, which they said were easy to deal with using sealer and fly’s, however, most people did not have to use either (Check out my post about tips for waterproofing your tent).

Closing Comments about the Coleman Instant Tent 8

This Instant Tent is really an outstanding family tent, offering great value for a low price. It will keep you dry and comfortable, and with the addition of a heater, can keep you warm in rather cold conditions.

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The Instant Tent will also withstand rather strong winds, when staked properly, and also suits hot weather with the excellent option of opening the large, all round windows. So overall this Coleman Instant Tent 8 comes very highly recommended.

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