Coleman Instant Tent – My Review & My Favourite

Coleman Instant Tent – Why it’s My Favourite

The Coleman Instant Tent, 14×10, 8 Person pop up Tent

This Coleman pop up tent is not perfect, but it’s definitely my first choice, and perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their camp site, but still want an extra large family sized tent.

This thing literally takes only ‘1 minute’ to put up, and if you want to find out any of the bad stuff about this tent, as well as the good, then you are in the right place! Before I get into all the ‘juicy’ details, check out this quick video that demonstrates just how quick and easy this instant tent can go up…


These guys, in the video above, set it up within the 1 minute time-frame…

Set up with the larger tent is certainly a little easier with two people, but can certainly be done by one person, just not quite as quick… but still pretty fast…  There are many outstanding features with this tent, and there are a couple of potential negatives which i mention further down.

Coleman Instant Tent Before you get carried away with the positives, there are a couple of issues you need be aware of. Below I have shared the good and the bad so you can see both sides of the story before you decide to purchase.

The whole point of purchasing a quick setup tent is to make sure erecting your Coleman Instant Tent campsite is going to be a whole lot quicker than with a more traditional style family tent  I realize there are many reasons why this type of Camping Tent would appeal to you, and perhaps I am ‘preaching to the choir’ here…

This is a large Family size Tent, measuring 14×10 Foot, and is classed as an 8 Person tent.  The older model of this tent is larger than the newer version.  The new Coleman Instant Tent 8 is smaller; 14ft by 8ft and has only 1 door.  The older version had two doors. I assume Coleman have tried to address some of the weaker points, that customers had with the older model, however, they can be fairly easily overcome, if you would prefer to have the larger space.

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Easy Quick Setup

Coleman Intant Tent InteriorColeman claim that their Instant Tents only take on average 1 minute to set up or pull down (you can check the video above, if you have not already).

This tent is classed as an 8 person, 2 room tent. Personally, I always see the number of people catered for in a tent size, as only for extreme cases, so for me, unless a bunch of those 8 people were children, I would likely have more than one tent if I was planning on housing more than 4 or 5 people.

In fact even if they were mostly children I would still plan on more than the one tent. None the less this 8 person tent is very roomy and with the vertical style wall or Cabin style tent and 76” height in the center it makes for a comfortable camping vacation.

That being said, one review spoke of 8 boy scouts sleeping comfortably in the tent, so it is definitely a roomy tent and would be even more comfortable for 4 to 6 people.

The Good Points of this 14×10 Tent

Both of the 2 rooms in this tent are large enough to take 2 queen size airbeds.  This tent is designed with excellent headroom and even tall people will be able to stand without any trouble. The wide screened windows provide awesome views of the outdoors, as well as brilliant ventilation.

The features of the larger Coleman Instant Tent 8 are as follows:

•    14ft x 10ft floor space

•    8 person – 2 room tent with divider – 2 door –

•    6ft 4 in center height, with room to stand and move

•    Fits up to 4 queen size airbeds

•    Spacious airy interior with large screened windows

•    Made with Coleman’s Exclusive WeatherTecTM System which “Keeps you dry –  GuaranteedTM

•    No need for a separate rain fly (This was how it was originally sold, however, due to too many reports of water leakage, they have actually now made a fly especially for this tent… just be sure that you are purchasing the right size fly for your tent – 14 x 10 – you can check it out here:  Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly 14 x 10)

•    Heavy duty, 150D fabric, twice the thickness of standard tent fabric

•    Limited one year warranty

•    Weight – 37.7 lbs

Most of those who purchased gave a very high rating to this tent and it has received glowing reports, however, there were some people who had some issues that are worth noting.

While it is claimed to be ‘guaranteed’ to keep you dry, there have been some complaints of the tent leaking.  Others state that rain and cold presented no problems at all, however, it appears that maybe the intensity of the storm might influence the effectiveness of the tent’s waterproofing effectiveness. (You can now get the Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly)

Most customer ratings come in at 4 or 5 stars, with an overall average of 4.3 stars. 130 people gave the Coleman Instant Tent 8, a 5 star rating which is pretty impressive.

The Reported Bad Points

Some of the concerns or complaints about this 8 person instant tent are listed below.

•    Leaked water during a storm (Click here for Fly)

•    The poles seem too thin

•    A couple of the poles snapped

•    A shortage of access holes to the outside

•    Telescoping poles can be stubborn and stick

•    Heavy and a bit bulky when packed away

•    Flaps can get caught in the zipper

•    Carry bag could be a little bit larger (others said it was plenty big enough… so I guess it is a subjective thing!)

Coleman Instant Tent InsideSome people who mentioned small leaks said they sealed the offending spots which solved any issues. The vast majority of people said they stayed dry and warm.

One person complained of the tent ‘sagging’ however, other users of the Coleman Instant Tent insisted that this could only happen if the tent had not been staked down properly, as it should be.

Here is a quote from one happy customer:

First night of use it rained for 4 hours(2 hours of heavy rain and winds 35+) No water inside and the tent lasted all night. I am an avid camper, and hunter this is one of the better tents that I have bought in the last 20 years

Coleman offer customer support, and should you happen to be one of the few who has an issue, it would be well worth contacting them and make use of their guarantees.

One tip which might be a good thing to take note of, was that one user purchased a separate rain fly, but not for the tent.  Rather they used it as a ‘verandah’ or awning to protect from heat and rain when getting in and out of the tent.  Sounds like a great idea to me!

Another helpful user’s tip, is when using telescopic tent poles you need to make sure they are straight in order to get them to fold down properly.

Over all this Instant Tent by the Coleman Company is an outstanding tent, for the price, with features and value that will often cost twice as much.  It is spacious and extremely quick to set up, providing a roomy, comfortable and dry camping experience.

Despite their ‘guarantee’ of keeping you dry, it would seem that some extra measures of waterproofing and perhaps adding a fly, might just make this tent that little bit better.

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I plan on providing a range of Instant Tent Reviews, as well as some reports of other similar types of tents, so that you can make some comparisons, and hopefully this will help you to make your decision about your next family tent purchase.

To sum up, the Coleman Instant Tent 8, 14 x 10, has a very small number of customer complaints, compared to the numerous number of very satisfied customer reports. It is the largest Instant Tent in the range made by Coleman that is still available, and the low price for the large size and other features, provides outstanding value.

This type of tent also comes in 6 and 4 person sizes.  I don’t hesitate to personally give a high recommendation to both Coleman and their Instant Tent range.

Coleman Instant Tent Star Rating

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