Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Ultralight Hammock by Grand Trunk

Why would you want to make sure you have this hammock in your camping or hiking gear…

This Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is perfect if you love hiking and you want to make sure you travel light, as well as ensure you get a great nights rest!

There are a number of different color options for the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock… My favorite is ‘Camouflage’.

Grand-Trunk-Parachute-Nylon-Hammock-smlIf you would like to get the ‘lux’ version, then check out the Parachute Nylon Double Hammock then you should check this out on Amazon.

What’s so good about sleeping in a hammock?

Why would you want to make sure you have one in your camping or hiking gear…

If you love hiking and camping then you no doubt realize the issues that go along with carrying all your gear… namely the weight! The longer you have that pack on your pack the heavier it seems to get.

It should be pretty obvious as to perhaps the main advantage of including an Ultralight Hammock as a part of your pack.

In fact… the benefits of sleeping in a hammock isn’t just confined to camping or even a backyard nap. There is a lot of information that suggests they might be superior to the usual mattress for getting a good nights rest.

Keeping things lightweight is a great tip if you are new to backpacking or hiking.

Of course if keeping things light and easy to carry is your main concern then this is one bit of kit you might want to have on hand… extra lightweight and compacts down to a very small size, making it virtually unnoticeable as a part of your pack!

Not to mention… you would be hard pressed to beat the cost for a complete sleeping system… very inexpensive!