Eureka Suite V6

The 3 Season Eureka Suite V6 Dome Tent

The Eureka Suite V6  is currently NOT AVAILABLE – Some Alternatives to Check Out…

Eureka Sunrise 5 Person TentDome tents are very popular, and can be faster to set up than some of the older version cabin style tents. You can also get modified dome tents which have a bit of the best of both worlds.

Check Out the Alternative – Eureka Sunrise 5 Person Tent

Eureka make a top quality range of Family Camping Tents and a popular series of Dome style tents is the Sunrise Series. They are 3 Season tents which come in 4, 5 and 6 person models.

Made with a fiberglass frame that uses sleeves and clips to hold the poles in place, the tent material is made from a Polyester Taffeta and comes with a reinforced bathtub floor and a rain fly.

The Eureka Sunrise series has a cross flow ventilation design which is really important, especially when camping in hot and/or wet weather.  There are a couple of interesting design inclusions that add some extra convenience… They have included a ‘Media Center’ which is designed to take your phone or tablet in a clear sleeve that enables you to view it and is also ‘touch screen’ friendly…. A great innovation.

A lot of thought has gone into the design process, and another surprising and very useful features is the “Elluminate System” that consists of 2 triangular bright white panels on the ceiling which reflects light from an LED Lantern so that you get up to times the brightness!

Another great feature are the 2 zippered windows which provide some great views, and contribute to the excellent ventilation.  The rainfly that comes with the tent also provides some extra insurance for keeping you dry, and assisting with the ventilation in the wet weather.

Below is a good demonstration video to give you an idea of just how roomy this tent is…

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The Eureka Suite V6 is a quality tent that will provide years of good family camping use!

The tent is manufactured from a 75D polyester taffeta material and the mesh is a 50D polyester that is made to minimize visibility into the tent from outside.

This dome tent is made using a unique 3-pole fiberglass frame with a bathtub style floor to help keep you dry. There are also ample storage pockets with 2 inside as well as 2 outside. This is a very liveable tent and provides some excellent flexibility when camping.

On Amazon this tent has not yet received a lot of customer ratings, but is currently rating at a 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some reviews shared by customers…

“I hadn’t been camping in over 20 years, and that was before kids, dogs, and the need to haul gear. So when we decided to go on a 4-night trip I wanted a 3-season tent that’s big enough for the family and dogs, and would stand up to Mother Nature. This tent turned out to be an excellent choice…”

“Great rain fly that really keeps out the rain and can be opened at the front to create an awning and vestibule area. With the rain fly attached, we stayed dry during a medium rain fall. Not a drop made it into the tent. Love the snap type buckles (dog collar) that clip the rain fly to the tent – so easy to unclip when you want to let in fresh air and sunshine…”

“This style of tent has been our choice for beach camping for many years–stays fairly cool with good ventilation, guys well, cleans easily, has survived sunlight, and as mentioned holds up to severe weather…”

You can read more here…

While there are plenty of positives, there are some negative comments as well, but nothing too serious in my opinion.

One of the customers reported that it did not have a bathtub floor, however, the product description clearly states that it does. The one thing that was mentioned by another customer, was that this was not your ‘cheap’ plastic type bathtub floor, but it is made from the same material as the tent, and it should be used with a ground sheet.

They also mentioned that all good quality tents should be used with a ground sheet, to protect against sticks etc. I would have to agree, that regardless of the tent, I would always try to use a ground sheet, even after ‘sweeping’ the area to remove objects that might damage the tent, or that might come through as an uncomfortable lump in the floor.

So either this customer was reviewing the wrong tent, or they have a different idea as to what a bathtub floor should be like in a quality tent.

Another customer said, as someone completely new to assembling tents, they found the instructions lacking, although they still managed to get it up in under 30 minutes. Of course, this is not an instant tent, but probably still quicker to set up than some of the traditional cabin style tents.

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Certainly, if you are looking for a good quality, roomy family sized tent with lots of excellent features, then even if the Eureka Suite V6 is not available, Eureka make some other similar models, but also there are a bunch of other brand tents that have great reviews that are well worth checking out before you make your decision…

Environmentally Friendly Backcountry Camping Tips

Backcountry Camping Tips for Minimal Impact

If you love camping, then looking after the environment, just makes good sense…

Backcountry HikingCamping is really a wonderful way to experience nature. And backcountry camping is about as close to nature as you can get. However, as humans we tend to have a profound impact on the space we visit.

Needless to say, this impact isn’t always good. In fact, our presence in the backcountry can alter a place for ever, and not in a good way!

Whether we are out on a day hike, or whether we are setting up camp, it is always a good idea to be aware of the sort of impact we are having on the surrounding environment.

This is why it’s important to practice minimal impact or no trace backcountry ethics and try to ensure that your visit leaves as little or no residual or harmful effect on the environment or the native inhabitants.

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Here are 10 minimal impact backcountry camping tips:

Camp Fire1. Pay attention to the rules and regulations about fires. In some backcountry areas fires are prohibited. Never leave a campsite burning. Do not build new fire pits. Consider using a backpacking stove to prepare meals. It takes less time and has less impact on the environment than building a campfire.

2. Do not use lake or river water to clean dishes or yourself. Instead, cart water to dry land and dispose of dishwater in the forest well back from the campsite.

3. Avoid cooking more food than you will consume. Pack out what you do not eat. Burying food will attract animals and get them used to humans.

4. Avoid excessive garbage by packing food in re-usable containers. Never take glass bottles into the backcountry and always pack out everything that you pack in, including all your garbage.

5. Human waste must be buried. Choose an area at least 50 meters away from water sources. Look for a spot with an inland slope to prevent it from draining into natural water sources and dig a hole that is at least eight inches deep.

Mix soil with the waste and bury. Do not bury toilet paper of feminine hygiene products. You can burn your toilet paper at the campsite and use biodegradable feminine hygiene products or pack them out.

6. Stay on designated trails and walk in single file in the center of the path to avoid trampling plants and altering the environment.

Camp Site7. When camping, if possible choose an established site. If not possible, choose an area where you will have minimal impact. Do not clear an area to create a campsite. Don’t cut things down or dig trenches.

8. Before leaving your campsite, check to make sure you have taken everything with you that you brought. Leave the campsite as you found it.

9. Don’t bring your dog with you. Most parks don’t allow dogs off leash and dogs don’t generally belong in the wild.

(The only exception for this rule might be if the dog is extremely well trained for this type of activity, and you are able to deal with their droppings the same way you deal with your own waste… A dog should never be allowed to chase or impact on the environment and wildlife).

10. Leave nature as you found it, or better. There’s a saying, “take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Follow this saying. Don’t pick up rocks or plants and if you encounter garbage along the way, pick it up and take it with you.

Check out the National Park Service for more information about Backcountry Camping advice…

The more we can leave nature undisturbed, the longer it will be around for us, our children and their children to enjoy. Take care of the land when you camp and go backcountry hiking so others may enjoy it too. Our wilderness is a priceless asset that once gone cannot be replaced.


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