Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent

The Lightspeed Ample 6 as one of my Tent Reviews

Having a ‘quick setup’ tent is great for enjoyable camping and the Lightspeed Ample 6 fits the bill.

LightSpeed Ample 6The other reason that I figured this tent deserved a review is that the customer reviews on this tent are 4.8 out of 5 stars, so it has a high customer satisfaction as far as larger instant tents are concerned.

This tent has some excellent features and Lightspeed focus on designing tents that are very quick to setup and at the same time providing strength and quality in their manufacture. Lightspeed tents aim, when creating their products, to allow for  over one thousand nights use of sleeping in their tents, and they aim to have them cope with all weather conditions.

There is a removable fly with an extended awning, if you are expecting any wet conditions, and the system is designed for excellent ventilation with large screened portions including some in the roof of the tent.  This is excellent to help reduce problems like condensation building up in your tent, which can end up causing moisture of a level equivalent to actually being rained upon!

As you know hot air (and the moisture it contains), rises and will settle in droplets on the ceiling of your tent, however, with the screened roof, it allows the air to escape and therefore solving this issue, allowing a good circulation of air, even in damp conditions when you have the rain fly covering in place.

Being a 6 person tent, it is quite roomy although does not allow full standing height inside, with a height of 4′ 7″ in the center of the tent. While this may be an issue for some people, there are many benefits that balance out this potential disadvantage, mainly the easy and fast setup that uses a drawstring pole system, making it very easy to get up in next to no time.

There are lot’s of excellent camping tips you can learn as you go along, but it is always better to learn from other people’s mistakes where possible, and try to save yourself the grief if you can. That is why getting customer opinions about the Lightspeed Ample 6 will always helpful when deciding on purchasing a new tent.

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Certainly the high rating given by customers would certainly suggest that this is one of the best tents currently marketed as a speedy setup and Lightspeed Tents specialize in this, with their range of tents on sale. Some reported that this tent even withstood ‘pea-sized’ hail during a storm, with next to no leakage into the tent… They were very impressed.

Instant Tent SetupMany campers, even seasoned veterans, dislike all the work associated with erecting a tent and campsite, and so having such a simple and easy setup is a huge bonus, with it taking minutes instead of nearly an hour.

Another comment from a happy customer spoke about sleeping in the tent with 2 adults and 4 children, and said that while a lot of 6 person tents don’t really offer the room, they were happy with this Ample tent… so clearly it is appropriately named with ‘ample’ room for the family. They were also stoked with the roomy feel and the ventilation that helped to alleviate that all too often ‘cramped’ feeling when using a tent.

There was also praise for the company Lightspeed and their exceptional customer service, in particular from those who have owned more than one of their tents. Those who have own their brand of tents for the longer term have indicated that they are very durable, with one example of having a tent for over 17 years.

Here is a list of the popular features of the Lightspeed Ample 6

  • 6 person capacity
  • 161 inches/ 410 cm in length
  • 83 inches/ 210 cm in width
  • 55 inches/ 140 cm in height
  • 13 pounds/ 6 kg weight
  • 4 poles – drawstring system
  • 1 door
  • 4 windows
  • 190T PU 1500mm – tent material with taped fly seams
  • 190T PU 1500mm – fly material with taped seams
  • 120g PE – floor material
  • Included stakes

Height of Lightspeed AmpleOne of the best features is the ’embedded pole’ system, that pulls up and ties off to secure with a drawstring… If you have not watched the setup video make sure to check it out. Of course, while the setup is quick and pretty easy, it’s good to keep in mind that packing up the tent is also pretty straight forward.

Some found it a little challenging to get back in the bag, but improved with a little practice.

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There are also some things to keep in mind which will help to make sure you keep your tent in good condition. Remember if you pack it up wet, that you need to set it up again as soon as possible to avoid mildew or damage to the tent material. It is always a good idea when you get home from a camping trip to set your tent up and make sure it is clean and dry before you store it away for your next trip.

The lightspeed Ample 6 tent is certainly one of the best I have come across as far as lightweight for transporting, ease and speed of setup and quality in manufacture with the excellent ventilation and stands up to weather conditions very well. While the Coleman Instant Tent is perhaps a little more durable and provides more head room, it is still hard to go past the Lightspeed, depending on the type of camping trip you take and the individual preferences you might have while camping.