Comfortable Camping Tips

Some Tips Showing for Comfortable Camping

If you venture out in cold weather, then comfortable camping is what you want to aim for…

Comfortable CampingEveryone is likely to have some different ideas about what makes for comfortable camping. Many love their creature comforts, so for many, camping in good weather is what they would choose.

On the other hand, there are also many who enjoy a challenge, they love the crisp clean air and choose to put themselves against the elements.

Whichever type of camper you are, most of us don’t like to get cold, especially while we are trying to sleep, and we like to be as comfy, as possible while camping. Even if you enjoy roughing it, you might still find some interesting points in the following video that I found.

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One thing is sure, if you are heading out camping in cold weather you want to make sure you have a way to keep warm, aside from comfort, your life might depend on it!


A-Z Bushcraft with Presenter Andrew Price

Andrew Price is not only an experienced ‘bushcraft’ and ‘survival’ expert, he is also an author and a teacher of these skills. On the A-Z Bushcraft website, you can find a whole range of instruction videos, literally laid out from A to Z. He also has a degree in Media and Theater studies, so no doubt this ‘adds’ to his video presentation style.

In the above review, Andrew goes through some helpful tips which might give you some ideas for warm and comfortable camping, especially if you could possibly hit a cold snap in the weather.

It is always a good idea to check weather forecasts before setting out on any trip, however, even with the best forecasters, there is absolutely no guarantees for their accuracy. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to be prepared for any and all potential circumstances, at least as much as humanly possible…

Andrew shows how a tee-pee tent with a wood heater inside, provides ultimate warmth and comfort for the colder weather. He also goes through a range of insulating materials, such as animal skins that provide excellent insulation against the cold ground.

He also covers self-inflatable, roll up sleeping pads that provide some insulation as well as a small amount of ‘padding’, and of course, he talks about the importance of having the right level sleeping bag. They are made for 1-4 seasons, rated just like tents, and the last thing you want to do is be too cold to actually sleep properly while camping.

One thing that is important to a lot of campers, is having enough room in our tent, and certainly having a tent that is straight forward to assemble. This is one reason why the Coleman Instant Tent is so popular; it goes up in almost no time, and while you can’t have a ‘wood stove’ inside, it is made in such a way, as to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Providing you have the appropriate clothing and sleeping equipment, you are bound to stay warm and dry, even in cold weather. In order to ensure ‘comfortable camping‘, the one addition I would suggest is to get a fly. Even though it is claimed to be not necessary, it is safe to say there are enough customers who have reported problems, to justify taking extra precautions.  Other than the potential for some leaking, and I should stress, this was not the case with all reports, most people were exceptionally happy with their purchase.

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Basically, if you are wanting to camp in extreme weather you need to make sure you get a tent that is made for this purpose. There is a range of 3 and 4 season tents that you can choose from that will not only help to keep you warm and comfy while camping and hiking, but they will stand up to some rather rugged weather conditions as well.