ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak Plus 20-Degree Rectangle Sleeping Bag

Not for Backpacking but Great for a Car Camping Trip

The 68 inch wide ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak Plus 20-Degree Rectangle Sleeping Bag is wide enough to sleep two people when you are out family and car camping. It’s made with a Nylon Ripstop Outer and Microfiber Liner to make your sleeping experience away from home as cozy as possible. There are 2 pockets on each side so each person can keep a few personal items close. Another great feature of this sleeping bag is that it can be converted into 2 separate sleeping bags for times when one double isn’t necessary.


Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

This is one of the Easy Up Tents in the Coleman Range…

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Coleman 4-Persons Instant TentA great ‘not-so-little’ quick set-up tent that’s perfect for your next weekend car camping trip, extended camping trips, scout troops or summer camp. The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent is one of Coleman’s easiest tents to set-up with poles that are already pre-attached to the tent.


  • 4 person,
  • 1 room
  • Sets up in less than 60 seconds
  • No assembly required – poles are pre-attached to tent
  • Every tent seam is fully taped, so no need for a rain fly
  • Heavy duty 75D fabric with twice the thickness of standard tent fabric

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Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System

Quick Easy Setup for Coleman Instant Canopy

The Coleman Instant Canopy is ideal for camping, sporting events, outdoor parties, garage sales, local market stalls and more.

It’s Coleman’s easiest canopy — just 3 steps to set it up, and you’ll be ready to go in 3 minutes or less. The Canopy offers 10’x10′ of shade, with a center height of 9’4″.

The features include an integrated lighting system, with four ultra-bright LED light fixtures at the top of the shelter, with a convenient dimmer switch so you can control the lighting, from low-light ambiance all the way up to bright task lighting.

The 28mm steel frame is sturdy and reliable, while the Coleman Comfort Grips protect your fingers from pinching and make setup and take-down quick and easy.


Check out how to easy it is to setup this Instant Canopy by Coleman

Eureka Equinox 6 Tent

Eureka Equinox 6 Tent Review

The Equinox is easy to set up, has a full coverage fly that is hooded over windows and brimmed over door for all weather air flow. Allowing maximum comfort and wind protection.

  • Roomy hexagonal dome tent sleeps six (10′ by 11′ 8″ floor; 87 square foot area)
  • Great for late-season camping or setting up at the beach
  • Heavy-duty bathtub floor made of 4 ounce 210D oxford nylon that repels water
  • One door and three large windows, hooded to protect against rain
  • Center height of 79 inches; weighs 17 pounds


Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Ultralight Hammock by Grand Trunk

Why would you want to make sure you have this hammock in your camping or hiking gear…

This Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is perfect if you love hiking and you want to make sure you travel light, as well as ensure you get a great nights rest!

There are a number of different color options for the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock… My favorite is ‘Camouflage’.

Grand-Trunk-Parachute-Nylon-Hammock-smlIf you would like to get the ‘lux’ version, then check out the Parachute Nylon Double Hammock then you should check this out on Amazon.

What’s so good about sleeping in a hammock?

Why would you want to make sure you have one in your camping or hiking gear…

If you love hiking and camping then you no doubt realize the issues that go along with carrying all your gear… namely the weight! The longer you have that pack on your pack the heavier it seems to get.

It should be pretty obvious as to perhaps the main advantage of including an Ultralight Hammock as a part of your pack.

In fact… the benefits of sleeping in a hammock isn’t just confined to camping or even a backyard nap. There is a lot of information that suggests they might be superior to the usual mattress for getting a good nights rest.

Keeping things lightweight is a great tip if you are new to backpacking or hiking.

Of course if keeping things light and easy to carry is your main concern then this is one bit of kit you might want to have on hand… extra lightweight and compacts down to a very small size, making it virtually unnoticeable as a part of your pack!

Not to mention… you would be hard pressed to beat the cost for a complete sleeping system… very inexpensive!

Coleman Instant Tent 6 – Fast Setup and Roomy Tent

The Coleman Instant Tent 6

Coleman have made a very popular 6 person version of their Instant Tent…

Coleman 6-Person Instant TentThe Coleman Instant Tent is becoming a camping sensation due to the exclusive super-fast set up and take-down. Coleman has been in the tent making business for a long time, and they have a well established reputation backing their products.

Watch how you can set up, take down and pack up your Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent in next to no time!

The Coleman Instant Tent 6 measures 10 x 9 feet and because it has been designed with vertical walls, there is plenty of room inside, to stand so long as you are not too tall. Coleman have included a large doorway as well as large screened windows which help with ventilation and great views of the outdoors.

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If you really don’t like the ‘setting up camp’ process, but you really enjoy a large roomy tent, then this Coleman Instant Tent 6 could be just what you are looking for. If you feel you need a bit more room you can check out the Coleman Instant Tent 8-Person model which is even roomier.

Check out this video below…

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While the majority of customers have been extremely happy with the Coleman Instant Tent 6, a number did report some issues with water leaking, despite the ‘keep you dry’ guarantee that comes with their WeatherTec System. This system features a patented material that the tent is made from along with specially designed seams, zipper cuffs and a waterproof floor.

There were some reports of people who even in a heavy downpour that left their tent standing in a deep puddle, they still remained dry. It is difficult to say why there are such conflicting reports in this regard, however, some people have decided to make their own fly just to add an extra level of protection.

When you weigh up the pros and cons, the speed of setting up this tent and the extra roomy interior seems to make it an excellent tent to recommend especially when you can do a work-around to fix any of the potential weak points.

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This type of tent certainly works well for car camping, where you might be doing a road trip and you need to make short stops along the way. The Coleman Instant Tent 6 really comes into it’s own here, because if you are driving long hours every day, when you stop each night that last thing you want to do is spend an hour setting up camp.

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